Examine these three elements to effectively schedule for your next health and safety audit

Health and safety audits have the potential to become an absolute nightmare! Because if you don't plan for them properly, they'll drag on forever. And in the business world, time is just not something you can afford to waste!

This is a common problem for many employers, and they often find they waste valuable time when audits come along.

The trick here is to schedule your health and safety audit beforehand, so as to ensure that the process is as time-efficient as possible. But to do that, you need to be aware of all the elements that may affect time.

So to help you effectively schedule your next health and safety audit, here are three elements you need to examine

Examine these three elements to effectively schedule for your next health and safety audit

ELEMENT#1: Location of the audit

The size and nature of a location can be a big decider on the time it'll take to audit it.

For example, a big room filled with several large pieces of complex machinery will take much longer to audit than a reception area. Therefore, devote more time to the large room with machinery, and far less time to the reception area.

ELEMENT#2: Purpose of the audit

The purpose of an audit can affect the time it'll take to conduct it.

For example, if the audit is part of a general routine, then it will be fairly quick. But if the purpose of the audit is to examine a very specific problem, then more time will be devoted to the audit.

ELEMENT#3: Team meetings

This is a commonly overlooked element when scheduling health and safety audits, but it's one of the most important elements to consider when scheduling a health and safety audit.

You see, you will conduct regular team meetings during the audit process, and that'll take up time.

Therefore, you should schedule accordingly for these meetings, and stick to the allocated times as much as possible to ensure that the whole health and safety audit doesn't drag on for too long

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