Personal Protective Equipment

The Importance of Using Safety Vests

The importance of wearing a safety vest in hazardous working conditions is widely known by most people. Why are highly reflective garments an essential part of job safety?

Protection for Hazardous Jobs

Most of us have seen construction workers wearing orange mesh reflective vests while working in high traffic areas. Their job is a very dangerous one, with many roadside construction workers killed while on the job each year. Other dangerous careers include police officers, emergency responders, and those where heavy machinery is used. Most people who work in any of these areas know the importance of wearing an orange reflective safety vest while on the job. People who work in these fields often do so in poor lighting, inclement weather conditions, and heavy traffic. Drivers often do not take seriously the consequences of driving too fast in areas under construction. The primary responsibility for remaining safe falls on the shoulders of the worker, and this is accomplished mainly through wearing a safety garment at all times.

Protection from the Elements

Safety vests can also provide some measure of protection against natural elements such as rain, sleet, and excessive heat. The mesh used to construct the vests helps the garment breath, keeping excess moisture away during summer and protecting the skin from the harsh elements of winter.

ANSI Safety Standards

The government works hard to set regulatory standards for safety vests depending on the level of danger present in various jobs. The American National Standards Institute is very strict on the features that safety vests should have. Employers take the safety of their workers very seriously and assist employees in determining which safety vest is appropriate for their job. Employees should look after and maintain their garments well.

Typical Features of Safety Garments

Safety garments of this type usually have similar features. They are designed this way all around the world so that common people know what to look for when watching out for the safety of workers. These garments are usually orange in color, though they can at times be green or yellow as well. The color is important because it sets the workers apart and makes them more visible to passersby.

These garments also have light reflecting strips that shine brightly in the sun during the day and also are highly visible at night in the bright headlights of passing vehicles. In an environment where dust, debris, rain, snow, fog, and darkness all can interfere with being highly visible, these safety garments are a must for saving lives.

Working together, we all can contribute to safer working conditions for employees in all fields. Highly visible safety garments are a key element in protecting workers around the globe.

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