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Roofers are an important part of the construction team without them we would have no buildings to keep us safe from mother nature. Roofing is a highly dangerous job. There are hundreds of roofing accidents every year. A fall of even three feet can cause permanent damage so imagine what a fall from a roof that is twenty feet of of the ground could do to you. These tips on roofing safety will help remind you about working smart while on a roof. There is no reason to get hurt at work because you forgot about safety or where just trying to get the job done faster. Using this tips on roofing safety will not only benefit you but your friends and family as well cause you will be there to share another day with them.

Twelve Best Roofing Safety Tips

  1. A safety harness should be worn at all times while working on a roof. This will prevent you form slipping or tripping and falling off of the roof. You could seriously injury your back or even break an arm,leg or in extreme cases your neck which is often fatal.
  2. Wear a hard hat if you are working near a site that others are working on the roof. Something could accidentally fall of an hit you.
  3. Caution tape should be put up around the building to let people know there are workers on the roof that could potential cause a danger.
  4. When using a ladder make sure it is not it the walking path of others.
  5. Leave at least two feet of the ladder rising above the roof to make it sturdy.
  6. When using your air knife to cut shingles never pull the knife toward you body. Always cut away from yourself or you could slip and cause an accident.
  7. Never carry your tools up the ladder in your hands. Wear a tool belt to hold your smaller hand held tools. If you need larger tools for a job use a pulley system to get them to the roof.
  8. Wear leather working gloves to protect your hands from wood and shingle shards.
  9. While they aren't always necessary knee pads can help protect your knees if you are bending on to a hard surface all day. They will help relive some of the pressure on the bones.
  10. Using a nail sweeper is a great way to collect lose nails. If you were to step on a nail or accidentally put one through your hand you would need medical attention and possible a tetanus shot to prevent infection and blood poisoning.
  11. Always make sure all safety gear is in excellent condition with no tears,scratches,frays or breaks.
  12. Check all tools before you us them to insure they are not broken or cracked and can still do they task you need them for.
Following tips for roofing safety will help keep you and the people that are working around you safe and happy. There are often no second chances when it comes to safety especially from a fall. Why put off safe thinking to save a few minutes during the day. It's not worth risking your life to go to lunch a few minutes early. If you have any great tips for roofing safety and would like to share them with everyone we would love to hear them.

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