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Nail Gun Safety Tips

Nail guns are used on construction sites all the time. It is a fast and effective way to drive nails compared to a hand held hammer. The number of nails driven per hour has increased dramatically with this power tool.

What use to take days to finish can now be done in hours. The nail gun use an air compressor to force the nail out of the machine and into the wood with enough force to drive it completely in to the piece you are working on. This is why nail gun safety is so important just like the name states it is basically an automatic gun that shoots nails rather than bullets.

It can be extremely dangerous and even deadly if used incorrectly. Following the nail gun safety tips below will help prevent injuries and keep everyone safe at work.

Top 12 Safety Tips For Using A Nail Gun

  1. Wear safety goggles when using a nail gun the force of the air pushing the nail out can cause the wood to splinter or shard and fly into your eye.
  2. Check the width of the wood and change the nail size accordingly. If the nail is to long it will protrude from the other side of the board.
  3. If you are nailing into an existing wall check for electrical wiring before you begin. The metal nail touching the live wire could cause electrical shock or start an electrical fire in the wall.
  4. Turn off gun whenever it is not in use. The triggers are often very sensitive and could go off unannounced.
  5. Remove your finger from the trigger area when you are not using it to drive a nail.
  6. Never point a loaded nail gun at another person even if it is not plugged in.
  7. Do not press the trigger until the nail gun is pressed firmly against the wood.
  8. Never use a compressed air nail gun around flammable chemicals. They can be dangerous when mixed together.
  9. Nail moving the gun forward away from you as you work. Never pull the gun toward you.
  10. Clean the nail gun regularly. Remove any dust or dirty from all of the moving parts. A dirty nail gun could become jammed and continue firing long after you have released the trigger.
  11. Nail from the top to the bottom of walls when you are using a nail gun.
  12. Read the entire owners manual before you use a new tool. This will teach you the correct and safe way to handle the nail gun.
By following these Nail gun safety tips you and your co-workers will be safe to work another day. If you have any nail gun safety tips that help you stay safe at work please feel free to share them with us all. Sharing safety tips is the best way to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

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