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Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

Carbon Monoxide is often called the silent killer it has no color or odor can cannot be seen since it is a gas. Carbon monoxide exposure can be fatal in many cases. Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen anywhere at anytime. Be using carbon monoxide safety tips you can help keep you and your co-workers alive and healthy. There can be several causes for a carbon monoxide leak some of the most common are faulty heating systems. When substances such as gasoline and propane are not stored and burned correctly they can produce large amounts of carbon monoxide. It is also a by product of fires. As the fire uses the oxygen in a room to expand it also creates high levels of carbon monoxide in the air. Some paints,strippers and finishes also contain the gas which is why they recommend use in open ventilated areas.

Detecting Carbon Monoxide In The Workplace

While Carbon Monoxide is unnoticeable to the human eyes and nose there are still ways you can detect it's presence in the workplace. Below is a list of carbon monoxide safety tips that will help you be aware of the signs of carbon monoxides presence.

  1. Install carbon monoxide detectors in several areas of the workplace. They are designed to pick up unusual amounts of the gas in the air.
  2. Test the devices once a month to make sure they are still functioning correctly.
  3. If the alarm goes off you should open all doors and window immediately to allow oxygen into the rooms.
  4. After you have opened the windows exit the building and than call for emergency help. Never stay in the building once the alarm has starting going off.
  5. Wait for a professional to give the okay before re-entering the building.
  6. You should have you heating system checked annually for leaks,breaks and stress to any parts. If there is a problem it should be fixed right away.

Symptoms Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

  1. Headache
  2. Confusion
  3. dizziness
  4. Nausea
  5. Shortness Of Breath
  6. Chest Pains
  7. Stomach Pains
  8. Visual Problems
If you experience any of these symptoms call for medical help as soon as possible. These carbon monoxide safety tips will help keep you from serious injuries due to exposure of carbon monoxide.

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