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How to save the environment and generate an extra income for your company

Everyone knows that recycling helps reduce your company's carbon footprint. But, did you know that recycling can generate an additional income for your business too? That's right! Recycling companies will actually pay for your recyclable waste like paper and plastic bottles. Read on to discover why your company needs to look at implementing a recycling programme

Waste management is the collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials.

You don't have to be in any specific industry, a CEO or manager to start recycling. Any company can develop a recycling programme. What's even better is that recycling companies pay for recyclable waste. And this means recycling can help your company get an extra income on the side.

Your company can recycle a wide range of things like paper, cardboard, plastics, milk cartons and drink boxes as well as furniture, linen, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, carpeting, tiles and doors.

Just 'measure the amount of waste that's recycled versus the amount of waste that's disposed of without a recycling programme. Calculate the revenue you've been paid by the recycling company and you'll see that recycling can be a cash cow for your business'

But, with the threat of global warming and the health and safety risks associated with poor waste management, your company should be encouraged to start a recycling programme regardless of how much income you can make.

Six ways a recycling programme will benefit your company

  1. You'll save money and receive income for your waste;
  2. You'll improve your company's housekeeping;
  3. You'll have additional work space by recycling items that are no longer in use;
  4. Your company will have improved storage areas, no debris means more space;
  5. Your company will improve its waste management programme; and
  6. You'll have proof of your company's commitment to protecting the environment.
Remember to consult a recycling company like to get more information about collecting recyclable waste.

By understanding the benefits of recycling, you'll ensure your company implements a recycling programme to help your company generate an extra income, while saving the environment.

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