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17 Workplace Etiquette Tips

Workplace Etiquette is how you present yourself while in the office. Many people don't know what workplace etiquette means. unfortunately being kind and considerate to your co-workers is a dying fad. There is no need for rudeness and hostility in the workplace it just creates a poor work situation that nobody wants to take part in.

17 Etiquette Tips For The Office

  1. If you work in close proximity to others always use a low voice while on the phone. No one wants or needs to over hear all of the calls you make during the day.
  2. Only make work related calls while in the office unless it is an emergency and you must make a personal call.
  3. If you do not have a designated break room try not to eat offensive foods. These means things such as tuna dish,garlic and any other smelly foods that may bother people.
  4. Never gossip about co-workers. Not only does it make you seem petty and untrustworthy it can get you in to serious trouble. Many companies have begun to enforce no gossip rules.
  5. Never brag about how much money you make. It is rude and can make others feel bad if they are getting paid less than you. As a rule of thumb you should never mention money or any financial problems while working.
  6. Keep your personal life out of the workplace. Nobody needs to here how drunk you got over the weekend. Most people also don't care to hear about cute thing your child/niece/grandkid/cat/dog did.
  7. Dress appropriately for your job. If you have a uniform always come in with it clean. If you are unsure of proper dress attire for your office you can check with your HR personal and ask for a written copy of the dress code.
  8. Always keep your work space clean and free of clutter.
  9. In a business setting it is custom to keep at least a three foot personal space between you and the person you are talking too.
  10. Always arrive at your designated time. Your lateness could potential hold up everyone's work schedule.
  11. Respect others thoughts and opinions. Even if you do not agree with them do not start an argument or say that the person is wrong to think that way.
  12. Never touch another employees desk or personal belongings without their permission to do so. You may think you are just borrowing a pen but that pen could have sentimental value to the person.
  13. Don't offer help to someone that isn't asking for it. They could take it offensively and assume you think they cannot handle their job.
  14. Avoid making remakes that could be mistaken for sexist or racist if taken out of context. You never know who may be listening and what might offend them.
  15. Never publicly criticize another worker. If you think they are doing something wrong talk to them privately. If necessary talk to your boss in private about the matter. Than let them decide the next step.
  16. Don't try and place blame for your mistakes on your co-workers.
  17. If you must have your cell phone on while working keep it muted or on vibrate so you don't disturb others while they are working.
The most important rule in workplace etiquette is to treat others the way you expected to be treated. You can not expect people to be nice and friendly if you are always cold and distant. This rule applies in all areas of life to just the workplace. Do you have any workplace etiquette tips that you use? Please share them with us.

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