Safety Tips

10 Ladder Safety Tips

When your job requires a ladder you should use this ladder safety tips to help keep you from injuring yourself or anyone that is working near you. Ladder accidents are one of the top reasons for hospital trips. Even a three foot fall can cause injuries and permanent damage.

Top Ladder Safety Tips

  1. Always check for cracked,lose or broken steps before using the ladder. If the Ladder is in anyway damaged do not use it.
  2. Never use a ladder on an uneven surface it could slip and cause you to fall.
  3. If you have to carry tools while on the ladder put them is a tool belt. Never carry tools in your hands. Both hands should be on the ladder while you are climbing up it.
  4. Always face the ladder while climbing or descending
  5. Never leave a ladder open and unattended
  6. Make sure the ladder is fully extended and locked before you climb up.
  7. Wear slip resistant shoes while working on a ladder.
  8. Never set a ladder up in a high traffic area.
  9. Always follow the guidelines for maximum weight rules.
  10. Never stand on the very top of the ladder.
Always follow ladder safety tips in order to insure your health and safety. Even the smallest fall can cause injuries if you land and hit your head. There is no room for horseplay while on a ladder. Think Safe and Be Safe.

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