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Snow Storm Safety Tips

Most people love the snow. So many in fact that we even sing songs about having a white Christmas. More often than not snow is associated with the Christmas holiday. It doesn't really matter if you love snow or hate it if you live in certain parts of the country you are bound to get snow in the winter. There is no way you can stop it from coming. Snow storm safety can help you make it through the winter safe.

Preparing For A Snow Storm

There are several snow storm safety tips on how to prepare for a snow storm. If you know that a major storm is coming toward your town it is best to be ready for it. You could have to stay in your home for a few days. It's a good idea to make a snow storm safety checklist. When you here there is snow on the way you can grab the list and get ready. If you wait till the last minute and don't have a list you could end up forgetting important survival necessities.

  • Make sure you have at least one sturdy snow shovel in the house. You will eventual need to dig yourself or your car out of the snow.
  • Store enough rock salt to clear your walk ways and drive way after the snow has stopped.
  • Keep a battery operated radio and extra batteries in an emergency kit. If the power goes out this maybe the only way you will know what is going on around you.
  • If you have a fireplace make sure to stock extra wood to burn when it gets cold. If there is no fireplace in your home keep a kerosene space heater to use in case the electric goes out. No electric means no heat and it will get real cold real fast without some heat source.
  • Stock flashlights with batteries and candles. You can use them if the power goes out.
  • Buy enough bottled water for every person in the house. The general rule is two gallons per person for each day.
  • Stock up on canned foods and other nutrients that do not need to be heated before eating.

Surviving A Snow Storm

Once you have prepared for the storm you just have to sit and wait for it to come. You can survive a snow storm by using some of these snow storm safety tips.

  • Bring all pets into the house. Cats and dogs can die for exposure just like a human. It is cruel and inhumane to leave a pet out in the snow.
  • Any livestock and farm animals should be housed in a heated barn.
  • Keep your local news channel on the television so you can get updates on the storm.
  • If the power goes out use your radio to listen to the local broadcast. They will inform you of any evacuation plans and the storms progress.
  • Try and keep everyone in the same room or certain rooms of the house. Close the other rooms off to help conserve energy and heat.
  • If you are using a fireplace check it frequently to make sure it is not clogged by snow or other debris.
  • If the power goes out open the refrigerator as little as possible. This will help your cold foods stay better longer.
  • You should have books,board games or other types of crafts to help pass the time during the snow storm.
  • Avoid going out into the storm if it is at all possible.
  • If you have to leave the house wear the proper snow gear. Hat,gloves,scarf,boots,coat and any other clothing you have that will help keep you warm.
Snow is beautiful and can be fun when you use snow safety. There is no reason not to wish for a white Christmas. I know I do every year. Just think smart and act safe when out in the snow. That is the best way to live to see the snow again next year.

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