Safety Tips

Hard Hat Safety Tips

Any person that works in an area where there is a danger of falling objects should always wear a hard hat. The hard hat was first used in 1898 but is much different than the hard hats of today. The biggest difference is that the first hard hat was made of leather so it really didn't protect your head that well. It wasn't until 1919 that the first metal hard hat was produced. Today you can purchase metal and plastic hard hats. Both are equally as good as the other.

Hard Hat Safety List

  1. Always check your hard hat before each use. If there are cracks or dents it is time to replace it with a new hat.
  2. Make sure the hard hat fits your head. It should stay in place when touch but not so tight that it hurts. Most hard hats can be adjusted to fit any size head.
  3. Wear hat when exposure to electrical wires is a possible not just for falling objects. The hard hat will conduct the electricity so that it won't be harmful to you.
  4. Make sure your hard hat has a chin strap and that it works properly.
  5. If any part of the plastic becomes brittle you should no longer use it.
You should never wear a hard hat that may be damaged. Even the smallest crack can make it useless. Always check the entire hat before wearing it. There are often no second chances when it comes to head injuries. They are often fatal. There is no known way to repair brain damage. Please make sure all employees know about hard hat safety tips so they can work in a safe and happy environment.

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