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Concrete safety tips

Concrete is used in the construction of almost every modern building. Concrete may seem like a harmless substance to most people but it can actually be extremely dangerous if you don't follow concrete safety tips.

The construction site is already full lurking dangers and accidents just waiting to happen. Concrete safety training should be something that all workers are taught before they even make it to the job site. Asphalt safety training is another topic that goes hand in hand with concrete work. Many times new roads are laid as new buildings are constructed. The fact that so much is going on at one time on a construction site is what makes it so unsafe.

Concrete Safety Tips List

  • When concrete comes in contact with skin the results can be harmful. Anything from a slight allergic reaction to the burn of tissue can occur. Concrete in it's still water based form can penetrate the top layers of skin and cause burns that could require hospitalization and surgeries to repair.
  • Always wear alkali resistant gloves and long sleeved pants and shirts while working with concrete. There is no reason to take the risk of even a little concrete splashing up and causing injuries.
  • Safety goggles should be worn be everyone in the area. Again if it was to splash up and get into your eyes it could result in permanent vision problems.
  • When working with the powder form of concrete you must always wear a face mask. The particles form the concrete can become airborne and enter your lungs.
  • Mix dry concrete in well ventilated areas. If you are mixing it outdoors be sure that there is not to much wind which can carry the particles miles away.
  • Whenever possible you should avoid cutting into concrete. The particles that are released into the air can cause symptoms as mild as coughing or as severe as death.
  • If concrete does get on your clothes they should be removed immediately to avoid any contact with the skin.
  • There should be an area set up where workers can go and clean off before leaving the work site. This is to prevent them from spreading concrete particles all over town.
Never use the tool clean off bucket for anything other than cleaning dirty tools. The water in them is contaminated to instant even a single tool touches it.

These concrete safety tips should be shared with everyone. Using concrete safety will help reduce the chances of injuries and reduce the numbers of preventable accidents.

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