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Chemical handling safety tips

Different types of chemicals are used everyday in the workplace. Using chemicals incorrectly can dangerous to you and anyone working around you. That is why you should follow these tips for handling chemicals. When chemicals are used by people that do not follow the proper guidelines for handling chemicals they can become toxic or even deadly if combined or stored improperly. Never touch any chemicals at work unless your are trained and authorized to use them.

6 Safety Tips For Working With Chemicals

  1. Always Wear protective gear. Goggles should be worn anytime you plan on using chemicals so they do not splash into your eyes and cause damage to your cornea. Wear gloves to keep your hands safe from accidental spills and a lab coat to make sure nothing is dropped or spilled on your clothes or body.
  2. Never use a chemical that isn't clearly labeled it could be volatile if you mix it with the wrong chemicals unknowingly. If a bottle is not clearly marked do not use it unless you are absolutely certain you are sure you know what it is.
  3. Don't store chemicals near flames or places where a flame maybe used. If the chemical is flammable it could cause a fire to begin.
  4. There should be no smoking,drinking or eating while you are working with chemicals.
  5. Always dispose of chemicals properly. Never throw them in the trash or poor them down the drain. There are special receptacles for hazardous materials. These are generally picked up by a special trash company.
  6. Keep a fire extinguisher and first aid kit in an accessible area. If you have an emergency you can't afford to waste time looking for the emergency kit.
By following these tips for handling chemicals you and your co-workers will remain safe while working with hazardous chemicals. There is no reason to forget safety. Nothing at work is worth risking your life over.

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