Three steps you have to follow when beginning a construction project

You need to ensure that you are fully compliant with the new Construction Regulations. And to make sure you are, here are three steps you have to follow when beginning a construction project

The three steps you have to follow when beginning a construction project are

Step#1: Plan the project and appoint an agent

When you want to start a construction project, you must decide on whether to hire an agent with ether part or full control.

The agent will advise you on the health and safety requirements you must address during the design phase of the project.

Step#2: Prepare your Health and Safety Specification

A Health and Safety Specification is a project-specific document that lays out all health and safety requirements while construction is underway.

Apart from it being a legal requirement, you need it because:

  • The Principal Contractor won't be able to create a Health and Safety Plan if he doesn't have your Health and Safety Specification. And he won't be able to start construction.
  • By having your Health and Safety Specification, as well as the Principal Contractor's Health and Safety Plan, the Principal Contractor can budget properly for any health and safety costs.
  • You are the one who's responsible for Health and Safety on the construction site. And so if you don't create a Health and Safety Specification, you'll not be complying with the Construction Regulations, which will make you fully responsible for any accidents that happen at the workplace.

Step#3: Prepare your Health and Safety Plan

Once you, as the client, have drawn up a Health and Safety Specification, it will then be up to your Principal Contractor to draw up a Health and Safety Plan. The Plan will help everyone in dealing with all health and safety matters in the correct manner from the beginning to end of any construction project. Not having one can lead to the DoL shutting down construction on your site.

So ensure that you have one, and that your principal contractor includes the following 10 documents in it

  1. The issuing and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as what types you might require;
  2. Method statements;
  3. Risk Assessment procedures;
  4. Health and safety training for all of your staff. Safe work procedures;
  5. Safe work procedures;
  6. Steps for any incident investigations;
  7. Any public, as well as environmental, issues;
  8. Fall protection;
  9. Legal appointments; and
  10. The scope of work to be done.
*PS: There are still seven other steps you must take when starting a construction project.

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