Safety at Work

Fire Prevention with this toolbox talk

One night, Jeffry decided to park the forklift next one of the main offices. Later, an electrical fire started in the office. It burnt down the door and spread towards the forklift. It then exploded because of the heat applied to its gas container. The results were absolutely devastating.

All it takes is one spark to create an unimaginable amount of damage to your business, which could cost you even more in LITERALLY having re-build it.

So, why not train your employees with this nifty toolbox talk on the 'Fire Triangle'. And prevent a fire from ever occurring in your workplace

The Fire Triangle

The Fire triangle consists of a very simple concept... Fire requires oxygen, fuel and heat (with each word making up a corner of the 'Fire Triangle'). Make this idea into a visual representation for all employees to see.

Here are 4 things your employees should know:

1. Don't store anything, which can fuel a fire, next to a heat source.

2. If a fire starts, close the doors and windows, and switch off the air conditioners.

3. Should a fire start, they should know what extinguishers to use, depending on the type of fire. Encourage employees to attempt to ut out the fire themselves, with a fire extinguisher. But if they have to see more than one extinguisher to put it out, then it's too late they must get out!

4. If the smoke gets too much, or the fire becomes too big or hot, emphasise that employees must get out!

At the end of the day, all it takes is one spark to start a fire. So encourage awareness among your employees and tell them not to be the cause of that spark.

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