10 Ways you can save money with a vehicle management program

I'm sure you use vehicles in your day-to-day running of your business. And without even realising it, I bet you have some form of a vehicle management program you use to track when to service your vehicles etc.

But, what I bet you don't know is that using a vehicle management program can actually save you money.

That's right, it has cost effective benefits as well as practical ones.

Let's take a look

Here are 10 ways your vehicle management program can actually help you save money:

1. It's a platform to use your vehicle manuals and specifications effectively when it comes to your servicing and maintenance. If you manage your services correctly, you can monitor them and see when you're being over charged for a service.

2. Vehicle wear and tear will be in real time (i.e. you'll know how old each vehicle is and its parts are). This can be a money saver as you'll know when parts should be up for replacement and can shop around for the best deal.

3. You can schedule and ensure you're servicing your vehicles at the right time. Don't waste time and money servicing your vehicles at wrong intervals.

4. Maintenance history will show how good your vehicle and drivers are. You can pick up on which of your drivers are costing you more money because of the way they drive. I.e. you'll have to replace brake pads more often.

5. You can record your history of vehicle costs including servicing, maintenance, fuel, oil, tyres, etc. By keeping track of these costs, you can try source more cost effective suppliers.

6. You can easily see how good your driver is by recording his incidents, licensing, training etc. A driver who is reckless and without a license will cost you far more in insurance claims, COID and any other penalties they may face.

7. Ensure you fix any problems before your driver uses the vehicle. This prevents unnecessary accidents due to things like brake failure. Saving you on increased insurance premiums and car repairs.

8. You can see if one car lasts longer than another. And when you need to buy another, you would opt for the car that's the cheapest to run and that lasts longer.

9. If you know through experience that one brand car's parts are more expensive, you know not to purchase the same car again. And the same with a leasing company, you can look around for the most cost effective supplier.

10. Peace of mind when you implement policies, procedures and appointment letters. This can save you money, for example: In your driver policy you state he may not use the car or petrol card for personal use. If he does, you can claim it back from his salary.

So, you see how by implementing one simple vehicle management program, you can identify trends and save your company a lot of money!

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