Get your employees' minds back on safety

I bet they are not quite back in 'work mode' though... Day-dreaming, reminiscing about their time away with the family. And probably longing to go back on holiday.

Their minds are definitely not on work. Yet alone working SAFELY

If your employees are distracted, they may cause accidents in your workplace costing you valuable time and money!

Don't start the year on the wrong foot, here are four quick tips to get your employees back into 'work safely' mode

Get your employees' minds back on safety with these four easy tips

Tip #1: Have a safety briefing with all your employees

Start off the new work year with a safety briefing with all your employees. Ask them how their holidays were so they can get it out of their system, then get down to business. Remind them safety doesn't stop being important just because they're back from holiday.

Talk to them about what they need to do during the day to be safe. Even if they've heard it a thousand times, tell them again. This way you can remind them just how important safety is.

Tip #2: Involve all your employees in risk assessments during the first day back at work

Break your employees up into department teams. Tell each team to do a risk assessment on their area and report back. This will force your employees to focus on the possible dangers in their work areas.

This will also help you find out about anything that might have happened during the holiday, like a machine breaking, that you need to deal with.

The Risk Assessment Toolkit contains everything you need to show your employees how to do this.

Tip #3: Do a series of toolbox talks during the first week back at work

Toolbox talks give your employees important safety information in bite sized sessions. Do three or four of these on important safety basics during the first week back at work. This will help you get your employees thinking about these safety basics again.

Get your employees involved. Have a discussion with them about safety issues to make them really think about safety.

You can find all the toolbox talk topics you need in the Toolbox Talks Kit.

Tip #4: Do spot safety inspections throughout the week

If you do a spot inspection to check your employees are working safely. You can spot those who still aren't concentrating.

This will keep your employees on their toes and help snap them back into the safety mindset.

You can encourage everyone back into following safety procedures before resorting to scolding and punishment.

Just remember, you need to get back into the safety mindset too. So start with your health and safety duties as soon as possible and use these four tips to start your 2019 work year safely and effectively.

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Alexandr Grigorev


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