Simple ideas to make health and safety training worth

Health and safety training is a recurring task but that doesn't mean it has to be mundane. Incorporating fun ways to learn will ensure the information will actually stick with your employees. Read on to discover.

Get the basics of health and safety training right

Every employee endures health and safety training at least once in his or her working life. Because of this, 99% of the time they switch off as they enter the training room. To make sure your employee will remember important information, when you set up health and safety training sessions make sure you direct the content at the right audience.

There is nothing more frustrating than work done in vain. So structure the content of your training for the different groups that will be receiving it. Don't 'over train' employees, keep it to only what is necessary to them. You need to set out different courses for different employees' e.g. general employees, healthy and safety representative.

Simple ideas to make health and safety training worth your employee's time and yours

1. Interactive presentation

Don't bombard employees with information and resort to the typical and boring slideshow, rather try something more vibrant and interactive.


Make a list of the duties and rights under Occupational Health and Safety Act, separated into two columns. In these exercises, get your employees to determine what falls under a duty and what a right is. By having your employees point these out, they're learning what they can expect from you without you having to drill it into them. Also, it will be a clear indication of how much they understand about the policies. Above all, it motivates employees to be part of the solution.

2. Videos

Sound and animation are always sure-fire ways to grab somebody's attention. Using videos will help you gain the attention of your audience and KEEP it.


One thing you and I can agree on is that humour is a universal language. You can lighten the mood on common workplace hazards adding a little humour into the mix. Sometimes people find themselves in certain situations because they overlooked simple warnings. This can be used to show 'silly mistakes that could have been avoided'. Make sure it doesn't seem like you're downplaying the importance of safety in the workplace.

3. Visual aids around the workplace

Another tip that you will greatly benefit from in, is jogging people's memories 'after-the-fact-'.


Stick posters up that summarise health and safety training content. Use bright colours. Pin up catchy safety slogans.

Health and safety training is important! Take out the 'bore factor', to ensure that the right information reaches the right people.

By using these tips, you can be sure that your employees will leave the training room with a wealth of knowledge that they are sure to remember for ages to come.

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