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Compressed gas cylinder safety tips

Anytime a person works with gases it can be dangerous but compressed gases are more so since they are stored under extreme pressure. Compressed gas cylinder safety tips will help keep you and the people working around you safe when there is compressed gases being used at work. The compressed gas comes in a metal cylinder and should always be transported and stored exactly how the container says it should. There is no room for mistakes with gases of any type. One wrong thing could cause a devastating explosion.

Safety Tips For Compressed Gas

  • All containers should be clearly marked with a sign stating what type of gas they are and the hazards the gas may cause. This hazards are generally written on triangle stickers that say explosive,corrosive,poisonous,flammable or combustible.
  • Never leave full cylinders in direct sunlight. Also never put them in a room where the temperature could become higher than safe.
  • Never use an open flame near compressed gas.
  • Check the cylinder for cracks or leaks before each use.
  • Check all valves to make sure they are not rusted or broken in any way. If there is oil
  • Turn the valve slowly to release the gases. Never open a valve all the way.
  • If you are storing oxygen and other gases in cylinders keep them separated at all times.
  • All cylinders should be secured to a wall while not in use. This will prevent them from accidentally falling over and possible exploding.
  • When transporting a cylinder never drag or roll it.
  • Separate empty and full cylinders. Mark the empty containers so they will not be used by others.
  • If a valve is hard for you to turn ask a co-worker to help you. Never use a wrench or other tool to turn the valve you could end up stripping the valve.
  • Never smoke cigarettes near any type of compressed gas.
  • Only a trained professional should refill the compressed gas cylinders.

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