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Gas safety toolbox talks

Corrosive industrial gases kill or harm hard working people every day. The good news is you can prevent this in your company if you train your employees on the importance of being safe. Read on to find out what to cover when conducting toolbox talks on gas safety.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires you to conduct toolbox talks on gas safety.

So what should you cover during these talks?

Tell your employees the following when doing toolbox talks on gas safety

Your employees need to know that exposure to only a small amount of gas can be fatal.

They need to understand that the danger with corrosive industrial gases is that it can eat at their skin and can cause permanent damage to internal organs.

And that's why gas handling protective equipment and safe handling procedures are so important.

Read on for what your employees must do to protect themselves from corrosive industrial gases...

Here's what your employees must do to protect themselves from corrosive industrial gases

The SafetyWorkBlog recommends your toolbox talks cover the following:

#1: Experience doesn't count unless the safety precautions are taken when working with this type of substance.

#2: Always wear your PPE when working with harmful substances.

#3: Always follow instructions, rules and training you've been given. Don't take short cuts.

#4: Don't just accept things if they seem strange or unusual. Make sure of every step in the process of the task.

#5: Open the hose connection slightly and first test for gas leaks before proceeding with disconnecting the cylinder.

#6: Use full protective clothing when connecting or disconnecting a chlorine gas cylinder.

You must stress to your employees that the effect of corrosive industrial gases is almost immediate and most victims never recover completely. So it's important they obey safety rules and wear their personal protective equipment all the time.

Conducting toolbox talks on gas safety will help ensure your employees are aware of the dangers and most importantly know how to protect themselves.

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