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Hard hats care

Hard hats are one piece of PPE your employees have to wear all day, every day. They take a beating and your employees need to take special care of them.

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So when you give them their hard hats, ensure you train them on how to take care of their hard hats. Here are the four things you must tell them to do. Here's why it's so important for your employees to look after their hard hats

If your employees don't look after their hard hats, they may weaken or become very unhygienic.

If the plastic wears thin, cracks or dents, it may not protect your employee from a blow to the head. In fact, it may shatter on impact and cause further injuries.

If they don't clean it, on the other hand, it'll become a breeding ground for bacteria. This means it could make them sick and cause infections in any open cuts around their heads.

That's why you must ensure they do these four things to take care of it.

These are the four things your employees must do to look after their hard hats

  1. They must store them in a safe place and place them on the rim so that the plastic dome doesn't crack, scratch or dent;
  2. They must clean the inside of the hard hats, particularly the foam sweat band. They must use warm soap and water and then let the hat dry in the sun;
  3. They must keep their hats on the whole time they're on duty so they don't put it down or leave it in the wrong place; and
  4. They must never misuse their hard hats.
If your employees do these four things, their hard hats will be in the same condition they were when you gave them to them.

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