Three tips to create a solid workplace racism policy

In my country, racism in general is frowned upon, and that includes racism in the workplace. So it's very important that you ensure equal treatment for everyone in your workplace, regardless of race, and you can't unfairly discriminate against any employee because of it.

So to help curb racism in your company, you need to have a racism policy in place. And to ensure that it's effective, here are three tips...

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Three tips to create a solid workplace racism policy

TIP#1: State your objectives and purpose

Lay a solid foundation by making it very clear that your objectives are to create a company that's free from racism, harassment and unfair discrimination.

Your purpose must give effect to the aims of the Constitution of South Africa, which sets out to allow every individual citizen to work in an environment that is free from any kind of unfair discrimination, and in which everyone can reach their full potential.

Step#2: State who the policy applies to

The policy will apply to all employees, the company as well as all those who deal with the company.

NOTE: This should also include your suppliers and customers.

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TIP#3: Provide good examples of racism

Doing this can help your employees understand what's expected of them.

Examples of racism include:

  • Sending offensive material electronically. This is a big risk as, generally speaking, people tend to not think before sending something. In other words, it's very easy to press a button
  • Tell racist or insensitive jokes;
  • Make direct verbal, or written, comments;
  • Making racially-based stereotypes; etc.

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