How to create a safe working environment

If you a have a business, you need to keep safe work environment at the proper level.

The keeping your employees healthy and safe is your legal responsibility

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You need to make sure:

  • Hazards are identified and risks controlled
  • People can move through the workplace safely
  • There is adequate room to perform the work
  • Floors and other surfaces are suitable
  • Risks relating to lifting and carrying are managed
You must also check that:

  • Lighting and ventilation are suitable
  • Risks relating to hazardous chemicals are controlled
  • Workers are not exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Work near electrical items or power supply is safe
  • Adequate facilities are provided

How to create a safe working environment

You must have an emergency plan under the new laws, although you have up to 12 months to implement it. However, you must continue to provide for emergencies now.

One of the best ways to achieve a safe and healthy work environment is to use a step-by-step risk management plan.

This involves:

  • Identifying the hazards in the workplacee
  • Eliminating the risk wherever possiblee
  • Controlling the risks you cannot eliminatee
Always remember to regularly check that any hazard 'stay fixed'

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