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Hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing industry

Over the past four years, there have been more than six and a half thousands injuries in workplace because of poor handling or storage of hazardous chemicals.

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People in the manufacturing industry don't safeguard themselves properly when using hazardous chemicals because a lack information and a lack of knowledge. It is very easy for a worker on the hop floor to understand the risks associated with let's say using a circular saw. It is a lot harder for a worker to realise that by decanting one product from one container to another container that they are going to potentially be engulfed in fire or involved in explosion.

So as well as the physical injuries that can occur, there are the long-tern exposure issues that can have an adverse impact on a person health. So exposure to chemical can lead to premature organ failure, lung disease, kidney failure, liver failure, all those nasty things that you really don't want to happen to you, that can be prevented if people aren't exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Don't be complacent.

Get to know the chemicals you are using. Use the safety data sheets. Read the labels. Understand the hazard statements.

Get as much information as you possibly can so you can put in place appropriate control measures before actually using the chemicals. You need to identify the hazards, assess the risks, control those risks, but more importantly as well review those control measures from time to time.

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