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Fire safety tips in the workplace

Fire safety in the workplace is an essential part of the safety regulations yet sometimes it may be hard to keep track and up to date of the correct protocols and mandate in a busy atmosphere. Knowing important fire safety tips and regulations could very well be the difference between safety and a serious accident. So to help prevent serious injuries or even worse, fatalities, here are a few tips on how best to approach the subject of fire safety in the workplace.

Fire emergency and evacuation plan

It is essential in a workplace to have well planned out and functioning fire evacuation plan. It is required to have fire evacuation and assembly points outside of the workplace. The more escape routes that are laid out in a workplace the better. Ensure all fire escape ladders and escape routes are checked regularly for safety assurance.

No smoking zone

If an area is also used as a smoking zone or smoking is not prohibited in that certain area then it is more at risk for possible fires. You can reduce the possible risk of fires or fire related incidents occurring if you were to designate the building or workplace as a no smoking zone.

Smoke Alarms

In a workplace, there is no excuse not to have a fire and smoke alarm. They are a necessity to ensure any and all possible fires are detected before they have the opportunity to get out of hand and destroy assets or cause injury. Test the smoke alarms regularly and never leave it disabled.

Electrical hazards and dangerous equipment

To avoid the possibility of a fire starting in the workplace because of faulty equipment or because of electrical hazards that were not tended to make sure to certify all work that is done relating to these topics and ensure it passes regulatory safety standards. If equipment has not been certified by a reliable source then there is the possibility that it could pose itself as a threat in the future, causing colossal damage.

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