Personal Protective Equipment

Heat Resistant Safety Clothing

Most people think of heat-resistant clothing and just think it's for fire-fighters who go plunging into burning buildings. But this isn't the case.

Yes, fire-fighters do rely on their heatproof protective clothing, but your employees may need to do the same.

If your employees work near, in or with extreme heat, they need protection from it. Otherwise, constant exposure to heat could give them heat stroke and it can be fatal.

But even if your employees don't work with fire, they still need heatproof clothing in these situations

Four situations when your employees will need heat-resistance clothing as part of their PPE

You must give your employees heatproof personal protective equipment (PPE) if they:

1. Work in an area that's constantly hot. This could be, for example, in a processing plant that has large heating vats for boiling liquid. The constant boiling will raise the temperature of the air and this could expose your employees to heat stroke. In this case, the clothing should be light and reflect instead of absorb heat.

2. Work with equipment or machinery that gets extremely hot. If they have to work with or near this machinery all the time, it could make them very sick. Their safety gear must allow air to circulate while reflecting heat.

3. Work in a high pressure, hot environment. For example, if your employees work in a mine the environment is very high pressure and hot. This means they can over heat very easily so you must ensure their clothing doesn't add to the problem.

4. Work directly with high heat. If your employees work with fire, melted metals or high electrical heating elements - just to give a few examples - your employees need protection from the heat. Their clothing must help reflect it away from them.

So ensure you give your employees the right heatproof safety wear in these four situations.

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