Safety at Work

Grinder safe operation


  • Always have a clear path access and egress from machinery (min of 600 mm clearance required)
  • Area is free from grease, oil debris and objects, which can be tripped over
  • Area is clear of unauthorized people before commencing work
  • Operation of emergency stop button
  • Switch lights and power on at their respective main switches
  • Start machine using the start button
  • Check that the emergency stop button is working
  • Release the emergency stop button in preparation for next machine use.

Pre operational check

  • Visual inspection of machine to verify it is in good operational order, ensuring no damage to any stationary and/or moving parts. Any unsafe equipment is to be reported to an authorised staff member/supervisor and tagged out.
  • Ensure grinding wheel guards are securely locked in place and visors are in positions and in good condition.
  • Ensure tool rests are correctly set and gaps do not exceed 1.5mm.
  • Check grinding wheels are running true, balanced and free from cracking, chipping and other imperfections. Any imperfect wheels are to be dressed or replaced prior to this equipment being used.
  • Ensure that there is an adequate supply of cooling fluid provided for use with this machine.
  • Ensure grinding wheel compound is suitable for the material being ground. Do not grind incompatible materials such as non ferrous metal, wood or plastics.
  • Assess material type to be ground. Additional Personal protection equipment may be required (i.e. hearing protection, dusk mask or full face mask)
  • Ensure materials to be ground are held securely during the grinding process. Locking pliers or similar should be used for small and/or brittle components.
  • Locate and be familiar with the position and the operation of NO/OFF controls and emergency stop


  • Start machine by engaging start button and allow grinding wheels to come up to full operating speed.
  • Slowly introduce the work piece onto the grinding wheel, do not force work piece into grinding wheel.
  • Ensure fingers are kept clear of grinding wheel and other moving parts. Be aware of the sparks that may be produced.
  • Prevent overheating of the work piece being ground by in cooling fluid.
  • Never leave this machine running while unattended.
  • Stop the grinding wheel by engaging the stop button, and allowing wheel to come to rest.
  • Do not wear loose clothing when grinding
  • Do not wear any gloves or items of clothing that can be caught in the grinder.

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