Safety Awareness Training Topics

When conducting a safety awareness meeting, it is best to organize the meeting by various safety awareness topics that need to be covered. Whether you are in construction, chemicals, electrical, school, health care, restaurant, salon, home, or an office setting, there are safety awareness topics that need to be addressed. What should be addressed? How frequently should safety awareness be addressed? This all depends of the workplace setting, as well as the job requirements set forth by the particular vocation.

Having a plan for workplace safety awareness meetings in terms of frequency and subject matter to cover is the way to properly and efficiently address safety concerns in the workplace. A little forethought will allow you to effectively cover all points frequently enough to be sufficiently responsible for workplace safety. If safety in the workplace is your responsibility, then a proper plan will not only protect your workers from unsafe environments, but also protect you against legal action, should accidents occur.

Safety Awareness Topics for Meetings

How frequently should safety awareness topics be addressed in the workplace? Well, this also depends on your field. It also depends on how many new employees there are that need to be educated on appropriate safety awareness. The more dangerous the nature of the job, and the more new employees there are, the more frequently safety awareness should be addressed. For example, in an office setting, where safety is still a concern (but no so much as other careers), you may want to develop annual safety awareness topics. If, for some reason, your office setting has more potential hazards than the average office, then monthly safety awareness topics may be more appropriate to discuss. In construction, chemical, and medical fields, where safety is a major concern, weekly safety awareness topics, or even daily safety awareness topics are more appropriately addressed at that frequency.

Another strategy to consider is to have some combination of safety awareness topics for meetings and different intervals. For example, perhaps it would be good to have both weekly and monthly topics, or weekly and yearly, or even weekly, monthly, and yearly. This would allow for certain topics to be covered at different frequencies. This may be the smartest strategy because some safety topics may only need to be addressed somewhat infrequently, whereas others may need to be addressed as often as weekly or daily.

List of Safety Awareness Topics

Construction Safety Awareness Topics

  • Operating Heavy Machinery
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Being Awake and Alert
  • P

  • PE: Personal Protective Equipment for Construction (Hard Hats, Gloves, Boots)
  • Bystanders

Chemical Safety Awareness Topics

Electrical Safety Awareness Topics

  • Safe and Unsafe environments to work with electricity.
  • How to avoid getting electrocuted
  • Dangerous levels of electricity
  • Understanding Electrical warning signs
  • What to do when someone gets electrocuted

Medical Safety Awareness Topics

  • Safe operation of medical equipment
  • Understanding biohazardous materials
  • What to do in case of exposure to biohazardous materials
  • Sanitation Supplies
  • How to contain biohazards

Office Safety Awareness Topics

  • Ladder safety
  • Heavy lifting
  • Electrical safety
  • Fire safety

Geographical and Seasonal Safety Awareness Topics

In addition to the nature of the job, which will dictate safety awareness topics for meetings as well as frequency of addressing these topics, there are also geographical and seasonal safety awareness topics to be concerned with. The changing weather, and your actual location, may give rise to unsafe working conditions, just like the job itself may do. For example, California is known for earthquakes. Florida is known for hurricanes. Coastal workplaces may be concerned with flooding. Sometimes, changing seasons bring about weather conditions to be concerned with, such as blizzards, heatwaves, and the like. Also, changing seasons can bring insects and animals that are only seen seasonally, and in some cases these insects and animals may pose a threat, like snakes, lizards, or insects carrying diseases. So, seasonal and geographical safety awareness may be something for you to consider as well, and these safety awareness topics would be relatively infrequent meetings. Geographical safety awareness may only need to occur bi-annually.

Safety Awareness Topics: Safety Regulations

In addition to broaching safety awareness topics in the interest of protecting your employees, you should consider safety awareness topics to protect yourself. If you do not adequately protect your employees, and someone gets hurt, you could face legal action. So, safety rules and regulations are high on the list of priorities of safety awareness topics to be covered in meetings. You should be aware of the actual rules and regulations that apply to your workplace. Most often these are set forth by OSHA. You have to communicate these safety rules to your employees and enforce them. This not only protects your employees at a most fundamental level, but also protects you in case of an accident.

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