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Pesticide Safety Tips

Farmers and landscapers often use pesticides to keep bug from destroying their crops and flowers. It can also be used on weeds,rodents and germs. While pesticide is helpful with deterring bugs it is a chemical and a dangerous chemical at that. Not only should pesticide safety be used near people but also around livestock and family pets. It can be poisonous to all living creatures if it is used incorrectly.

List of Pesticide Safety Tips

Read all labels and directions before you use any pesticides. Once you have read the warnings and instructions make sure to follow them.

Pesticides come in different toxicities. Find and use the lowest possible toxicity for the job you are preforming.

Never use pesticides indoors if they are designed to be used outdoors in open spaces. Check labels to see if they are okay for indoor use.

Avoiding spraying pesticides on rainy or windy days. Wind can put the pesticides in the air while rain will wash it off onto the ground and into runoffs.

Wear gloves,long pants and a long sleeved shirt when spraying pesticides. This will prevent any form getting on and seeping into your skin.

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Do not eat or drink while using pesticides. Remove your gloves and wash your hands before eating.

If you accidentally ingest any type of pesticide immediately call your local poison control center.

If it splashes into your eyes you should flush them out with water for at least 15 minutes. Than call your local hospital.

To insure pesticide safety is being used only people that are trained in handling toxic chemicals should be allowed to use the pesticide at work. If you have any pesticide safety tips that you use to stay safe please share them with all of us.

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