Safety Checklist

Safety officer daily checklist

Assist / conduct daily toolbox talk

Ensure work permits and other safety documents are available

Ensure equipment daily inspection checklist's are done by operators

Ensure workers are wearing appropriate PPE's

Ensure tools and equipment being used are in good condition/colour coded

Ensure firefighting equipment are available (wherein required)

Check the excavations. Ensure access, barricades and signage are in place

Check number of manpower in particular area

Ensure compressed gas cylinders area secured

Check chemical storage /MSDS

Check scaffold tags and condition of platform

Ensure lifting activities are secured

Ensure competent persons are assigned: (wherein required)

  • Certified equipment operators
  • Certified riggers
  • Certified permit receivers
  • Firewatch (in hotworks)
  • Flagman (in moving equipment)
  • Entry Attendants (in confined space)
  • Standby man (wherein required)
Ensure static and mobile equipment i.e. welding machines, gen set, compressor etc., are checked:

  • Daily inspection checklist done
  • Grounding in place
  • Drip trays
  • Fire extinguishers
Full time and continuous safety monitoring

Set a personal example

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