Safety Checklits

Electrical Safety System Audit Checklist

Internal Audit Checklist

General Controls

1. Electrical safety meetings are being conducted?

  • Corporate 3 times a year minimum?
  • SPS - Electrical Discipline meetings
  • Sites: H&S; meetings
2. Electrical Safety Operational Evaluations conducted?

3. Electrical work has a risk assessment (ATW)?

4. Live LV Electrical Maintenance Control Guides for all live electrical maintenance work on low voltage equipment?

5. ATW's and Live LV Electrical Maintenance Control Guides are filed?

6. Electrical isolation points are locked or mechanically prevented from accidental operation?

7. Low voltage rescue kits are available and contain the following equipment:

  • insulated crook?
  • 1000 volt rated insulating gloves?
  • 'Isolate Here in Emergency' sign?
  • fire blanket?
  • burns dressing?
  • Torch?
8. System in place to ensure low voltage rescue kit equipment and mats are tested 6 monthly annually?

9. Low voltage rescue kit marked with manufacturer' name and test date due and for 'LV Only'?

10. Personnel can access drawings?

11. Insulated hand tools kits are available?

12. Arc flash/shock hazard PPE guides are located adjacent to switch boards and large panel systems?

13. Barriers available for live work?

Testing & Safety

14. Electrical Safety and Test Reports from contractors who perform electrical work on SCL owned fixed equipment are completed and filed?

15. Electrical Safety and Test Reports from SCL workers who perform electrical work on SCL owned fixed equipment are completed and filed?

16. Safety switches have been routinely tested as required by corporate standards and results recorded?

Testing to Prove De-energised

17. Verification of tests to prove de-energised recorded within Plant Isolation Control Guides and filed with ATWs?

Test Equipment

18. Instruments used for measuring insulation resistance 'Insulation Testers' have incorporated discharge function? (refer to spec sheets - Internet)

19. Test equipment such as Multi meters, RCD performance testers, earth-loop impedance testers, voltage testers, insulation resistance testers and similar instruments, functionally tested and inspected at 6 monthly intervals (minimum)?

20. Test equipment for low voltage circuitry tested to OEM Specifications?

21. Calibration of testing equipment undertaken at 12-monthly intervals (minimum)?

22. Testing instruments for 'continuity tests' have accuracy of 5% full scale deflection or better?

23. Multi-meter test leads are Category III rated with type A probes?

24. Testing instruments used for electrical work are on the site 'Approved' Electrical Test Equipment Register?

25. Each testing instrument has a durable sticker affixed to it to indicate it has been tested and calibrated?


26. All items of PPE and clothing used for electrical work are free from metal materials?

27. Arc flash hazard management clothing and PPE has been issued and has been recorded on personal issue card?

28. Flame retardant clothing has date of issue marked on it?

29. Electrically rated face shields available and/or have been issued?

30. Face shields for live electrical work cover full face and have no metal parts?

31. Face shields for working inside an arc flash protection boundary cover full face and are marked with an ATPV rating and have no metal parts?

32. Arc rated face shields are stored in cloth bags?

33. Insulated gloves are tested 6 monthly and are marked with working voltage rating?

34. Insulated gloves used for indirect contact with high voltage equipment are Class 0?

35. Arc rated insulated gloves have arc rating and Class marked on them?

36. Personnel have been given instructions on how to clean flame retardant clothing?

37. PPE stored away from heat, chemicals, moisture and mechanical damage?

38. Laundering register for site spare flame retardant clothing is maintained?


39. Tools used for performing live low voltage electrical work & fault finding are insulated to minimum of 1000 volts AC?

40. Insulated mats are 'Class A' rated to 650 volts (minimum), are tested six monthly?

41. Insulated mats are marked with the following:

  • Name, trademark or mark of the manufacturer?
  • Year and month of manufacture?
  • Classification i.e. Class A or B?
  • Re-test date?
42. Low voltage testing equipment is marked with its working voltage limit?

43. Portable electrical tools and equipment within current testing dates and tagged?

44. Portable electrical equipment fitted with appropriate guarding?

45. Insulation, earth continuity and operational tests of portable electrical equipment carried out in accordance

46. Suitable method of communicating the following established:

  • Notice that scheduled inspection & testing of portable equipment is to occur and when?
  • Which equipment is required to be inspected and tested?

Training, Competency and Authorisation

47. Persons undertaking work on or near live parts trained as 'Authorised Electrical Persons' in accordance with this Corporate Standard?

48. Workers who work on or near live electrical equipment have received training in low voltage switchboard rescue and cardio pulmonary resuscitation?

49. Workers who perform Electrical Safety Observer duties have received training in low voltage switchboard rescue and cardio pulmonary resuscitation?

50. Authorised un-licenced workers performing testing to prove de-energised on low voltage circuits have had annual refresher training and competency validation?

Incident Recording

51. Electrical hazards and incidents are reported and recorded?

52. All dangerous and serious electrical incidents are reported to external authorities?

53. All electrical incidents are investigated and reports filed?

Electrical Installations

54. All 240 volt general purpose outlets are RCD protected?

55. Portable 3 Phase RCD's available for all 3 phase outlets not protected by RCD's?

56. Portable generators are used in accordance and compliant with AS2790:1989?

Overhead Lines

57. Warning signs on main thoroughfares installed for overhead lines?

58. Lines that cross SCL on site formed roadways have height indicators installed displayed?

59. Trees and other vegetation near overhead lines trimmed?

Plant Modifications

60. Plant modification file and approval in place for modifications to electrical plant?

61. Electrical aspects of the modification formally acknowledged in the modification check list?

62. Inspection certificate for testing and safety has been signed prior to energisation?

63. Decommissioned plant - Key aspects completed:

  • Labelling removed;
  • Drawings marked up and published;
  • Arc flash analysis considered
  • Electrically safe
64. Site arc flash register is maintained?

Hazardous Areas

65. Electrical installations and electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas complies with AS 2381 /AS60079 series?

66. Workers performing electrical work within hazardous areas certified in accordance with AS/NZS 4761?

67. Hazardous Area Verification Dossier in place to manage electrical installations in hazardous areas?

68. HAVD paperwork in place to record electrical installation, maintenance and repair works (e.g. inspection sheets, Accredited Audit reports etc.)?

69. Electrical work in hazardous areas identified and recorded in safe system of work (ATW)?

Registers / Records

70. Register of Authorised Licensed Electrical Workers who undertake electrical work?

71. Register of Authorised Electrical Persons?

72. Register of Authorised Isolation Checkers - Electrical?

73. Register of un-licensed people trained in Safe use of Multimeter?

74. Register of Authorised HV Switching Officers?

75. Register of Authorised HV Switching Assistants?

76. Register of Authorised Electrical Isolation Officers?

77. Register of persons Authorised for Entry to Transformer


78. Register of persons Authorised to Test to Prove De-energised?

79. Register of persons Authorised for Entry into PPE Zone and Arc Flash Protection Boundary?

80. Register of all SCL owned portable electrical equipment established / maintained and contains records of the following:

  • Formal inspections and tests?
  • Repairs?
  • Faulty equipment?
81. Testing results of low voltage rescue kits, insulated mats and insulating gloves detailed and recorded in site Electrical Equipment Register?

82. Register of all SCL owned electrical testing equipment in place and maintained and contains records of the following:

  • Formal inspections and tests?
  • Calibration?
  • Repairs?
  • Faulty equipment?
83. 'Approved Electrical Test Equipment' Register in place and maintained in accordance this Corporate Standard?

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