Safety Checklists

Accident and injury notification checklist

1. Give notice of the injury as soon as possible to the employer, or anyone designated by the employer, such as a supervisor or a manager. This can be in writing or verbally. It MUST be given before an injured worker leaves or resigns from their job.

2. For a claim for hearing loss, notification must be given in writing.

3. Advise your union representative.

4. Record the injury in the Workplace Injury Register. If your workplace does not have a Workplace Register of Injuries Book then contact your safety representative, workplace union delegate or union, to ensure that one is established immediately.

5. Make an appointment to see your treating doctor. You will need to notify the doctor that it is a 'long' or 'double consultation' when you make the appointment to ensure the appropriate consultation time is available. Remember, your doctor's first priority is your health so they will be supportive.

6. Fill in all necessary paperwork and claim forms. KEEP A COPY OF EVERYTHING.

7. If treatment is needed then get a WorkCover medical certificate. Comply with your Return to Work plan.

8. You must co-operate with the insurer and attend (if necessary) a medical examination with a medical practitioner arranged and paid for by the employer in reasonable time. You have the right to choose your own doctor.

9. You must notify the insurer of your nominated treating doctor (the doctor of your choice), and also provide up to date WorkCover medical certificates to the insurance company.

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