Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Construction Workers

Construction is a critical aspect to our city's development, but if workers do not adhere to correct safety rules and regulations then they put not only themselves in danger, but also their colleagues. By following these safety tips and using your common sense you can do a lot to prevent accidents on a construction site.

Instruction manuals

Do not operate a piece of machinery until you have read the instruction manual and have received comprehensive training on how to use it and what to do should something go wrong.

Site maintenance

Do not leave tools and equipment lying around on a job site as other workers can trip over them and get seriously injured. Unplug power tools when you have finished with them and wind up the cords. Keep your eyes open when walking on construction sites and make sure that workers move quickly through busy areas at all times.

Lifting heavy objects

Heavy tools or equipment and large industrial packaging often have instructions on how to lift them correctly so that you don't hurt yourself. If the item seems too heavy to lift by yourself then ask someone to help you. If you need to carry the item over a long distance then it may be a good idea to use a forklift.

Balance the weight of your tool belt

Tool belts are small and very useful, but despite their minimal size they are able to throw your body out of alignment. By distributing the weight evenly your tool belt will be balanced and less likely to pull your joints out of place.

Personal protective equipment

The use of personal protective equipment is essential regardless of what work you are doing. Wearing work overalls protective footwear and headgear, and so on can go a long way towards keeping you, your colleagues and any visitors to a construction site safe.

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