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On the job safety can be trickier than in house office safety. When part of your job involves travel from one place to another sometimes good safety practices get lost in the journey. Have you ever noticed that sometimes construction workers or city employees performing road work often park their pick-up trucks on the side of the road while they work?

When dealing with public safety on the job it can be most important to remember OSHA guidelines and safety procedures.

This topic hits close to home for me as I have known several people that have suffered an injury, or even the loss of a loved one that may have been prevented if strict safety policies were followed more closely.

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Oft times workers camp out at a job site until their project is complete and as such sometimes their is a lack of supervision during periods of the job. While sleeping in the back of your cab may sound cozy, it isn't. Many workers will bring along a pop up camper or truck camper they can attach to the rear of their pickup trucks. Some important safety things to remember if you have had this idea for your job are as follows:

  • Make sure you have parked your truck a safe distance from the road.
  • Your parking break should be firmly in place before you camp out for the night.
  • All fastenings should be secured properly to your truck.
  • If working in a busy area or on a major highway, place cones around your vehicle so that should a car get too close to you there is at least a warning that they have done so giving them time to steer away before it is too late.
  • Lighting - Adding lighting to the area so that oncoming traffic can see your vehicle is a must at night if you know you will be on the side of a busy or highly trafficked road.

Automobiles are one of man's most dangerous creations and are the cause of many deaths throughout the year. Everyone hears about accidents on the road and most of us tend to ignore these tragic events, however as you know most accidents can be prevented through excellent safety measures. Truck Safety On The Road And Road Work Safety Is Just As Important If Not More Important Than In House Office Safety.

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