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Importance of Fire Safety Communication

The best way to combat the risk of fire by far is perfect preparation -but it isn't ever possible to 100% protect yourself from a blaze.

Extinguishers, fire doors, and blankets are a must but there is actually another tool at your disposal which could help you not only prevent fire in the first place, but also if a blaze does start, then help you limit its damage. If preparation is the best prevention of fires then communication is the next best thing at your disposal to ensure you and everyone else around you is protected from a potentially disastrous fire.

It may come as a surprise, but a communication device such as a two way radio can be a vital tool in combating the cause of, and spread of, fires. Perhaps the best use of communication in helping protect people from fires is of course the ability to tell anyone in the immediate space of the risk of any danger; radio communication is an ideal implement for this.

Not as prone to losing signal like a mobile phone and with much better battery life, a fire safety officer is able to send out a message at the touch of a button that a situation is developing that others need to be made aware of. That speed of communication could be vital and make the difference between making it out of a building in time or not, especially given that most people's reaction to a fire alarm is to roll their eyes and rue that their day has been disturbed. The sad fact is that a fire alarm will rarely trigger an instant evacuation of a work space.

The use of two way radios in this situation can even be taken a step further by using a system that automatically links your buildings fire alarm to your two-way radio system and alerts the fire group on their radios by dispatching a text message when a fire alarm is set off. This ensures the fastest response and can be easily be installed by a professional communications company. The fact you are able to not only issue a warning but transmit real time information about the nature of the problem is also really handy. If a fire has started in a specific part of the building and is danger of spreading, an individual is able to offer advice as to the best way to escape without harm.

Communication devices can also be used in the prevention of fires to organise fire drills to ensure every person knows the right thing to do in case of an emergency, while on a large site being able to assess constantly any potential existing fire hazards is a great tool to have at you disposal. Information is absolutely critical in any dangerous situation and that is no truer than in a fire, and the ability to not only deliver that basic information that alerts people to danger but also be able to offer detail that could help save lives, certainly make radio communication tools an absolute necessity.

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