Safety at Work

Vision Health and Safety Tips

Health and safety relates to a set if policies and actions designed protect you from possible damage and to reduce the risk of injures. When it comes to vision health and safety this advice, guidance and information is especially important because eyes are very sensitive and an injury may lead to loss of sight.

Vision Health and Safety Tips

Clearly mark possible hazards

Processes and equipment which have been deemed to present a hazard should be clearly marked. Markings must be visible at the area in question and on the equipment.

Vision protection aids used at all times

Areas which are the target of such policies should enforce the use of safety goggles. These are available with plain plastic optical lenses for non prescription wearers and as prescription goggles for spectacle wearers.

Set procedures and educate employees

Have a clear action plan in case an incident has happened. Every eye injury should be taken with the upmost seriousness and often having procedures in place can prevent further damage.

A. In case of foreign objects Seek medical attention and never rub the eye. If no immediate medical personal is available, try to pull the upper eyelid down over the lower lid and let the lower eyelashes sweep away the foreign object.

B. A cut around the eye Seek medical attention and bandage the area without leveraging any pressure on the cut.

C. Chemicals If you are wearing glasses or goggles remove them and wash the lenses. If case of contact lenses, remove and bin them. Next, gently hold the eye open and flush in mild water or contact lenses rinsing solution for 10 minutes. You are strongly advised to head to your nearest A&E for further checks.

4. Be wary of long hours in front of the computer

While most health and safety vision tips revolve around providing physical protection to the eye, computer work has its own hazards. Long hours without rest can lead to eye discomfort, headaches, itchy eyes and difficulty in focusing. Encouraging regular breaks will help reduce these symptoms.

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