Preventing Costly Wood Flooring Accidents

Wood flooring are used in a wide range of premises, from residential homes to office buildings. Flooring slip and fall type accidents are not exclusive to wood, but the combination of wood and water increases the likelihood of such accident compared to other floors. Due to the work of the Health and Safety Executive many are well aware of the various external hazards of ice and wet conditions and do their best to address such risks.

Internal flooring health and safety receives less attention, although it has its far share of hazards from hygiene risks to slip and fall accidents.

How To Prevent Costly Wood Flooring Accidents:

1. Fit wood flooring smartly

The combination of damp or wet surface together with wood can lead to a slippery surface. The risk of accidents at the entrance to premises could be greatly reduced by fitting water absorbent mats and anti-slip tapes. At the workplace, you should bring the risk of slippery surface to the attention of the employees so ignorance could not be claimed.

2. Quickly clean any spillage

Areas that are wet should be clearly marked using signs and the spill quickly cleaned. Cleaning should be done using dedicated wood flooring products that prevents an oily residue build up and disinfect the floor at the same time. On going cleaning and flooring maintenance should take place when the premises is empty, after office hours or at home when household members have left.

3. Place clear warning signs

Signs should be posted at walkways and lights adjusted so both the floor and the signs are clearly visible to passers-by. To further reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents you could consider physically excluding people from wet areas by navigating them elsewhere around the hazard.

4. Think hygienic safety

Not only water causes wet surface, food and drink residue has the same impact and on top of that such residue can cause other problems. To improve the hygienic safety of wood flooring these should be cleaned using dedicated cleaning products with anti-bacterial functions. Cleaning should be done every day and even couple of times a day in large premises by closing down one section at a time.

When it comes to wood flooring safety, do not take any chances

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