Nursing Safety is our Main Concern

When we are working, safety is always our main concern and always a discussion for us since it is used in all type of occupations and workplaces. As nurses, safety is our main priority in providing nursing care and to improve patient's safety.

It has always been an issue that nursing care is the priority in promotion of safety to the patient as well as the nurse. When we are working, are we always safe? Are nurses at risk with safety being addressed? Since we are in the age of modernization it is assumed that nurse safety has been addressed accordingly.

With the fast growing globalization and high demands of nurses in a workplace who are exposed in a fast-paced setting and new technologies fast growing. Nurses are not only working in the hospitals but they are widely spreading all over the world, not only in the hospital setting but also in the community and the home setting.

There are times that nurses practice an ideal way, but when things go wrong then these practices should be changed. Guidelines are being followed to make work their easier and safe. The paradigm of nurses in safety is slowly changing. There are steps that need to be changed and some practiced for the improvement of providing better nursing care. Certain guidelines change overtime according to some standard organization but some nurses still follow what they have learned in the past. Protection is always the best solution so that we can avoid such incidents to happen and help solve problems in the future.

There are things that nurses should be very careful when doing their work. Like in lifting and transferring patients with the use of the body mechanics to avoid musculoskeletal injuries most especially at the back. We have to use protective devices like a slip on safety shoes so that this will protect you from slippery surfaces when lifting heavy patients or objects. The proper use of protective devices should be practiced by nurses today. Current studies show that not only through training and educating nurses is not enough to help prevent accidents.

Nurses should be careful when working with their patients since there are times that a slip on safety shoe is the solution to you problems. We advise you to use wilkuro safety toes since these are the best shoes available on the market today. Protection starts with ourselves, our health is our main concern in doing our jobs therefore, it is best of we start practice safety now.

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