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How do you Manage your Workplace Safety Checklist?

You may manage various workplace safety checklist that are regularly used in your company. It can be safety audit checklist, forklift safety checklist, truck safety checklist, fire extinguisher inspection checklist, safety training checklist, plant safety inspection checklist and many more.

All these workplace safety checklists are created to make your jobs easy and ensure there is no something left. Due to its critical role in safety system, better management of workplace safety checklist is necessary.

Document Control

Better management of a lot of safety checklist begins with document control. You should properly control your workplace safety checklist started from checklist numbering system, revision number and date, revision history, etc.

Always ensure that available workplace safety checklist at the point of use is with latest revision number. It is especially important because relates with its content. You may have added new critical checklist item into the previous checklist. Imagine if worker use the wrong checklist. It could danger workers' safety and plant facility.

When you make a new revision on a specific workplace safety checklist, notify it to all related workers and Departments.

Make Sure It Is Always Available

Do not forget to always check the availability each workplace safety checklist at the point of use. Decide how many copies as your own minimum checklist stock in order to ensure availability of each workplace safety checklist. And it is also for anticipating additional checklist usage more than normal usage. In addition, make them can be accessed easily whenever someone needs it.

How do you Manage your Workplace Safety Checklist?

Filling Out Is Not Enough

Having filled out a specific workplace safety checklist, always ensure that the result is received by all related Sections and Departments. Do not stop there. Filling out is not enough. You need to follow up the result if you find any abnormalities or violence.

Keep the Record

Each time you use workplace safety checklist, do not forget to make a record. Make special folder for each checklist. In the future, you will need them for making evaluation and improvement to your safety system.

Managing workplace safety checklist is not just a matter of documentation. But the ultimate purpose is to ensure that your safety system will have better performance.

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