Sample Medical Emergency Procedure

Today I want to present you little note about sample medical emergency procedure. This emergency procedure use on my work and I want to share it. Sample global medical emergency procedure

In the event of a medical emergency involving yourself or a crew member, the following procedures should be used. A medical emergency is defined as occurring when you or a crew member:

is about to be hospitalized;

  • are in an accident and require medical treatment;
  • have difficulty locating medical care;
  • have a medical problem and require translation services.
It is important that you follow the steps listed below to ensure prompt action:

1. Immediately transport injured party to the nearest physician, hospital, medical clinic.

2. Contact the Medex Assistance Coordination Centre nearest to the injured person's location (refer to page 2 for details) with the following information:

  • emergency policy number:
  • group policy number:
  • employee's name, address and telephone number
  • hospital / physician's name, address and telephone number
3. Contact the office with the following:

  • Employee's name and medical condition.
  • Details of accident or emergency.
  • Hospital / physician's name, address and telephone number.
  • Advise office if they should contact dependants or if employee would prefer to do so.

4. When employee is out of danger, thoroughly complete all accident investigation forms and fax to the Office.

Note: It is critical that the office be kept informed of the situation to ensure that the process happens without delay.

Download medical emergency procedure

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