OSHA Citation

The top 10 most frequently cited OSHA Citations under OSHA standards for special trade contractors are:

  1. Scaffolding - see General Requirements 1926.451
  2. Fall Protection - see General Requirements 1926.501
  3. Ladders 1926.1053
  4. Fall Protection -Training Requirements 1926.503
  5. Aerial Lifts 1926.453
  6. Hazard Communication 1910.1200
  7. General Safety & Health Provisions 1926.20
  8. Head Protection 1926.100
  9. Scaffolding - Training Requirements 1926.454
  10. Electrical Wiring Design and Protection 1926.404

OSHA Citations can always come under the general duty clause and this is commonly used by OSHA when they cannot be very specific under a rule number.

OSHA gave an example of a case where two workers and a passer by were killed when workers were dismantling a mast climbing scaffold. According to OSHA the process included removing anchor braces that secured the scaffold's climbing tower to a building. When the final anchor brace was removed, the tower and scaffold were left without support and the unit toppled, the investigators concluded. OSHA fined the masonry contractor for the incident.

Make a difference as an employee and bring your safety influence to your work site to prevent OSHA Citations.

OSHA can be driving by and stop, they can receive a call from a worker to inspect as a complaint or anyone who sees a safety issue on a job site can call OSHA. Workers should be engaged in worker trainer programs. You can have a union worker train one another or call in an outside consultant for training to prevent OSHA Citations.

Focusing on eliminating human errors will protect your company and employees.

You want safety to be a major objective on your job site to avoid OSHA Citations.

Although safety protocol is enforced from the top down, the impetus for safety improvement begins on the ground floor.

Workers and supervisors should be compelled to mitigate potential safety issues before they become hazards which could lead to the OSHA Citation.

All OSHA Citations and fines are listed on their website for each and every employer. These citations and fines give the general business owner a good understanding of how other businesses were fined.

An example of a common citation and or fine is when there are sewing machines at a hotel. The sewing machines must have a guard on each unit to prevent the seamstresses from sewing their fingers. Some workers especially from foreign countries remove them as they used them in other areas without the guards and do not understand their purpose. The Safety Manager or Supervisor in this area must train the employees the safety use of the guard to prevent an OSHA Citation.

Another practice in hotels is burnishing operations, cleaning silver items. Because of the noise exposure in this area the area must have a decimal reading for hearing conservation and you must offer your employees training and hearing protection in order to avoid an OSHA Citation.

Dishwashers in large kitchens fall under the hearing protection act as those areas are very noisy and sometimes will read as high as 100 DB. Again, if OSHA monitors the area of the kitchen to make sure the employees were safe from noise distress and find it over 85DB, you will receive an OSHA Citation. You must offer hearing protection and training and test the hearing of each worker in this area.

Experienced Safety Consultants are worth their weight in GOLD to protect you from an OSHA Citation.

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