Safety protection manual when operation a lawn mower

07 Aug 2021 - Flaaim
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General requirements

This manual provides the basic requirements for labor protection when operating a lawn mower.

When operating the lawn mower, you must follow the requirements of these instructions.

When operating a lawn mower, workers may be exposed to the following hazardous and harmful production factors:

When operating a lawn mower, employees are provided with overalls and footwear

When operating a lawn mower, it is necessary to know and strictly observe the requirements for labor protection, fire safety

An employee performing work with a lawn mower notifies his immediate supervisor about any situation that threatens the life and health of people, about every accident that occurs at the workplace, about the deterioration of his health, including the manifestation of signs of an acute illness

The operation of the equipment must be carried out in accordance with the technical documentation of the organization - the developer of the technological process

It is prohibited to work with faulty equipment, tools and devices, as well as personal and collective protective equipment.

When operating the mower, the operator must

Smoking and eating is permitted only in specially designated places

Requirements before starting work

Put on overalls and safety shoes

Get an assignment from a supervisor to perform work with a lawn mower

Inspect the workplace

Before starting work on the mower, check:

The mower’s fuel filler neck must be closed with a plug and the tank must be securely attached to the mower’s body

A trial run of the mower must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check the availability and serviceability of fire-fighting equipment, availability of personal protective equipment, first aid kits

In case of identified shortcomings and violations, inform the manager and start work after their elimination

Requirements during work

When working with the lawn mower, the employee is obliged to perform only the work for which he has received training.

Do not allow untrained and unauthorized persons to work.

Work only in serviceable overalls and safety footwear and use personal protective equipment.

Be attentive, careful and not distracted by extraneous conversations

Lawn mowing should be done during daylight hours. It is prohibited to mow lawns in rain, dense fog (visibility less than 50 m) and in strong winds.

To power the electric lawnmowers, plug connectors should be installed along the lawns to be mowed. The plug connector must have an earthing contact, which provides an early connection of the earth to the mower body in relation to the supply of the supply voltage and its later disconnection when it is turned off.

The number and locations of the plug connectors are determined on the basis that the length of the cable connecting the mower to the plug should not exceed 150 m, for which a cable drum with a container must be provided

The cable connecting the mower to the plug must not be mechanically damaged on the outer sheath. Live parts must be inaccessible for accidental contact

Immediately before mowing, inspect the area to be mowed and remove any foreign objects on it.

It is forbidden to find unauthorized persons in the lawn mowing area

Mowing the lawn should be started in such a way as to prevent clogging of the mowed grass with the carriageway of streets, roads, boulevards and pedestrian paths.

When moving the mower from one area to another, switch off the cutter bar and put it in transport position.

The cutter blade of a lawn mower should be cleaned of grass with special brushes.

Is prohibited:

If in the process of mowing the lawn, extraneous knocking or increased vibration of the lawn mower is detected, then the engine of the lawn mower must be stopped.

If the cable of the mower is accidentally damaged, stop work immediately and disconnect the power to the mower by disconnecting the plug.

Before storing the mower for a long time, empty the fuel tank and carry out complete maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical documentation.

Observe the rules of movement in the premises and on the territory of the organization, use only the established passages.

In case of any malfunctions, notify the manager.

Emergency requirements

In the event of a breakdown of the equipment, a threatening accident at the workplace: stop its operation, as well as the supply of electricity, gas, water, raw materials, product to it, etc .; report on the measures taken to the immediate supervisor and act in accordance with the instructions received.

In the event of a fire, turn off the electricity, call the fire department, report the incident to the immediate supervisor, take measures to extinguish the fire

If any malfunction is found that interferes with normal operation, it must be stopped. Notify the immediate supervisor of all noticed shortcomings

In case of an accident, it is necessary to provide the victim with first aid, if necessary, call an ambulance, inform your immediate supervisor and keep the workplace situation unchanged until the investigation, if it does not pose a threat to workers and does not lead to an accident

Requirements at the end of work

At the end of the work, the mower must be cleaned and stored in an approved storage location.

Tidy up the workplace

Take off personal protective equipment

Inform the work supervisor about all faults noticed during work and the measures taken to eliminate them

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