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Weekly Vehicle Safety Checklist

04 May 2020 - Flaaim

Weekly Vehicle Safety Checklist | Driver: | Vehicle: |Registration Number : | Date: | |—|—|—|—|

Item Yes if OK, No if defective Details of Defect
Tyres: Pressure, Tread* and Damage    
Lights: Side, Head, Rear and Reverse    
Indicators/ Hazard Warning lights    
Wipers: Dirt and damage    
Number Plates    
Tax Disc    
Mirrors: Wing and Rear view    
Vehicle Handbook in vehicle    
Internal Lights, including dash board warning lights    
Window Demisters: Front and Rear    
Seatbelts: Operational, no sign of damage    
Hand Brake / Parking Brake    
Fire Extinguisher    
First Aid Kit    
Under Bonnet Checks    
Engine Oil    
Brake Fluid    
Power Steering Fluid    
Screen Wash    

Weekly Vehicle Safety Checklist

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