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Rail crane inspection checklist

03 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

  1. Tagging – check that the crane is not tagged with an ‘out-of-order’ sign.
  2. Hook – check for damage, cracks, nicks, gouges, deformations of the throat opening, wear on the saddle or load bearing point, and twist.
  3. Hook latch – check for proper operation.
  4. Reeving – Check that the wire rope is properly reeved and that rope parts are not twisted about each other. Check for obvious rope damage and broken strands.
  5. Limit switches – check the operation of jibbing and hoist limit switches. NO lifting operation is permitted with limit switches inoperable.
  6. Wylie Safe Load Indicator – use the Wylie test facility to ensure that the warning lights and bell are functional prior to lifting operations commencing.
  7. Unusual sounds – Check for any unusual sounds from the crane or hoist mechanism while operating the crane.
  8. Housekeeping – check for accumulation of material, trip or slip hazards, and poor lighting.
  9. Engine – check water, oil and fuel levels prior to starting the diesel engine. Ensure there is sufficient fuel to complete the planned activities to minimise the possibility of loss of power during a lift.

Rail crane inspection checklist

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