Equipment/Tool Safety Checklist Form

02 May 2020 - Flaaim

Equipment/Tool Safety Checklist Form

NOTE: Damaged tools are to be removed from use until repairs have been completed

Item to be checked

Inspected by/ Position

Identity mark/Serial No

Inspected by/ Position

Review Date

Casing broken, damaged?

Cables damaged, frayed, properly attached to plugs?

Ferrules intact, split, missing?

Plugs in good condition?

Guard fitted, moves freely, returns to safety position?

Triggers secure?

Handles in place, secure, loose, missing?

Blade fitted correctly, loose, wobbly?

Emergency stop buttons accessible, working?

Interlocks, missing, working?

Does the blade stop quickly?

PAT test label/sticker?

Download Equipment/Tool Safety Checklist Form

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