Checklist to manage chemical hazards

03 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

Below is a checklist of controls you should consider to manage your chemical hazards. The control measures you choose should be recorded in your risk assessment.

  1. Are all chemicals listed in your chemical inventory?
  2. Can the process be changed or eliminated so that the work is less hazardous?
  3. Can hazardous chemicals be substituted with less hazardous chemicals?
  4. Can the chemical be handled in enclosures (hoods/booths)?
  5. Can the chemical be isolated from the workforce?
  6. Can ventilation be used to prevent exposure?
  7. Can the number of employees at risk of exposure be reduced?
  8. Is it appropriate to rotate employees and reduce individual exposure?
  9. Can the time spent doing the job be reduced to limit exposure?
  10. Can the work practice be improved?
  11. Are employees trained to recognise the chemical hazards and know how to work safely with chemicals in the workplace?
  12. Do employees have access to the SDS and do they understand them sufficiently?
  13. Have employees been instructed on how to read a chemical label?
  14. Are procedures in place for safe use, handling and storage of chemicals?
  15. Are employees supplied with effective protective work clothing?
  16. Is personal protective equipment required?
  17. Are sufficient personal hygiene facilities in place?
  18. Are chemicals stored correctly?
  19. Are emergency procedures in place?
  20. Is atmospheric monitoring required for certain tasks?
  21. Is health surveillance required for certain tasks?
  22. Have you recorded your chemical hazards and the control measures in place? Checklist to manage chemical hazards

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