Electrical equipment safety inspection checklist

05 Jun 2020 - Flaaim


Sub Contractor

Site Manager

  1. Type of Electrical Equipment
  2. Name of Hire Company / Owner
  3. Last PAT Test Date 4.ID / Serial Number
  4. Certificate Number
  5. Next PAT Test Date
  6. 110V or 240V


  1. Any bare wires visable?
  2. Cable covering damaged?
  3. Plug in good condition?
  4. Any taped parts or joints in cable?
  5. Outer casing of equipment damaged?
  6. Any signs of overheating?
  7. RDCs working correctly?
  8. Any dust build up?
  9. Is cable covering gripped on entry to plug / equipment

Date Inspection Carried Out

Person Carrying Out Inspection

Electrical equipment safety inspection checklist

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