Working at Home Health and Safety Policy

01 May 2020 - Flaaim

1. Introduction

1.1 This Policy should be read in conjunction with the main Company Health and Safety Policies.

1.2 [Insert Company Name] (“the Company”) recognises and accepts its responsibilities to [Insert employee name] under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. The Company accepts this responsibility extends to the employee’s working environment at their home, and will ensure so far as reasonably practicable:

1.2.1 the means to maintain a safe and healthy place of work

1.2.2 provision and maintenance of such equipment or tools as is necessary for the employee to carry out their work

1.2.3 safe access to and from the places of work

1.2.4 adequate information, instruction, and training to prevent accidents and work related ill health

1.2.5 a Fire Risk Assessment is carried out to ensure the safety of the employee and any other Company staff or visitors

2. General Health and Safety

2.3 The overall responsibility for health and safety within the Company lies with the [Managing Director/Senior Partner/Proprietor] [Insert Name]. [Insert Name and Role of person with day to day responsibility] has day to day responsibility for managing health and safety which includes staff members who work remotely.

2.4 The Company will ensure that the employee’s work area at home is set up to an adequate standard to suit the employee, and to comply with the relevant Regulations.

2.5 The employee [Insert employee name] is responsible for ensuring that his/her working area is maintained to a satisfactory standard and for informing their line manager if any part of the environment requires alteration.

2.6 If any part of the employee’s home is to be used for client/customer interfacing, the Company may require (at its discretion) that specified areas are used solely for Company business activities.

3. Employee’s Duties:

3.7 The employee [Insert employee name] will ensure that any parts of their home designated as ‘work’ areas are maintained to professional standards.

3.8 Working with the Company Health & Safety management, the employee shall ensure that any hazards inherent with their work activities are properly managed, and that the same protocols as would apply at the Company’s premises are implemented.

3.9 It will be the responsibility of the employee to ensure the safety of any visiting Company visitors/clients/customers.

3.10 If any part of the work area becomes unsuitable by dint of the work process changing, damage or breakdown of equipment or furniture etc, or by the employee’s physical needs, he/she must inform their line manager as soon as reasonably practicable.

3.11 Where PPE is needed following a Company Risk Assessment, the employee is required to use it.

This policy will be reviewed annually or when there is a change in circumstances, in work practices or the introduction of new legislation.

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