(COSHH) Policy

17 May 2020 - Flaaim

1. Introduction

1.1 The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 (as amended) applies to any substance or material that may cause harm to the user or anyone else exposed to it. 1.2 All businesses that use potentially hazardous materials or substances are required to have a set of procedures setting out the precautions to be in place for the safe storage, use and handling before and after using it. 1.3 [insert Company Name] (“The Company”) will ensure that it meets its statutory obligations with regards to COSHH 2002, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and any other relevant legislation.

2. Aims of the Policy

2.1 This policy is intended to set out the values, principles and policies underpinning the Company’s approach to COSHH management. By implementing COSHH guidelines thoroughly and fully the organisation aims to protect staff who come into contact with hazardous substances as part of their work. 2.2 Such ‘hazardous substances’ include: 2.2.1 substances or mixtures of substances classified as dangerous to health under the current CHIP Regulations, including chemicals classified as very toxic, toxic, harmful, irritant or corrosive etc. 2.2.2 substantial concentrations of airborne dust. 2.2.3 harmful micro-organisms

3. The COSHH Policy

3.1 To comply with the Regulations the Company will: 3.1.1 Ensure that the exposure to hazardous substances is minimised and adequately controlled in all cases Avoid exposure; Substitute the substance or change the process; Total enclosure of the process; The use of LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation); Limiting the number of personnel exposed; Reducing the period of exposure; Providing suitable PPE 3.1.3 Ensure that a COSHH risk assessment is carried out for all work carried out by the Company that involves exposure to hazardous substances. 3.1.4 A copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) will be held for every product on site which is identified as harmful. These will be obtained from the supplier or manufacturer. 3.1.5 [Name / Position] will review the MSDS to ensure they remain current, usually at the same time as reviewing the main COSHH assessments. 3.1.6 Ensure that all personnel who are exposed to hazardous substances in their work receive adequate training and information and are issued with appropriate protective clothing or equipment. 3.1.7 Ensure that COSHH assessments are reviewed regularly and whenever there are modifications to a work process that involves a change in the use of a hazardous substance. 3.1.8 All COSHH assessments will use information from the MSDS and will be relevant to the task to be carried out. Completed COSHH assessments will be kept on file at the [Local Office / Head Office / Site]. 3.2 [Name / Position] will be responsible for ensuring that COSHH assessments are carried out

4. Health Surveillance

4.1 In accordance with Regulation 6 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 the Company will ensure that all employees are provided with such health surveillance as is appropriate having regard to the risks to their health and safety which are identified by the COSHH assessment. 4.2 The need for health surveillance will be assessed on a case by case basis. 4.3 All personal details will be kept securely. 4.4 All staff should be encouraged to read the policy on COSHH as part of their induction process. 4.5 All staff will be encouraged to approach their line manager if they feel their health is being adversely affected.

5. Training

5.1 The Company will ensure that staff expected to perform COSHH assessments as part of their job will undergo suitable training. 5.2 The Company will ensure that all employees are given suitable training in the storage and use of all substances they will use in the course of their work. 5.3 The training will be done during normal working hours. 5.4 No substance will be introduced into the work process without employees being given adequate training. 5.5 [insert job role and name] is responsible for keeping a record of any COSHH training. 5.6 COSHH training should include demonstrations on safe use and handling to ensure that hazardous substances are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and that all employees fully understand these instructions.

6. PPE

6.1 The Company will ensure that PPE suitable for exposure to/contact with the substance and task is available for use at all workstations, and that all employees have been properly trained in its use. 6.2 [Insert Name / Role] is responsible for ensuring that an adequate supply of PPE is always available.

7. Incidents and emergencies

7.1 The Company will ensure that employees receive training on emergency procedures relating to spillages or accidental exposure to hazardous substances. 7.2 A fully stocked first aid kit and trained first-aider will be available at all times wherever hazardous materials are used. 7.3 The personnel responsible and procedures for dealing with accidents and emergencies will be prominently displayed at appropriate locations and each employee will be obliged to familiarise themselves with this information. 7.4 The management will be informed immediately of any hazardous substances incident or emergency.

8. Storage

8.1 The Company will ensure that safe storage (lockable where appropriate) is provided for materials/chemicals used in the business.

8.2 All materials/substances will be stored as per the manufacturers’ recommendations, including bunded stores/tanks where needed. 8.3 [insert job role and name] will be responsible for carrying out regular reviews of storage arrangements

9. Disposal

The Company will ensure that all chemicals or hazardous substances are disposed of in accordance with local environmental requirements and MSDS information. Clean-up equipment and PPE shall be made available when necessary

10. Employees duties

10.1 All employees will be given a copy of this Policy and will be required to comply with requirements herein at all times. 10.2 All employees are obliged to report any accident, misuse or risk from use, handling, contact or storage of hazardous materials to [insert job role and name]. 10.3 Any employee who feels unwell or ill after having been exposed to any hazardous substance is required to report this to [insert job role and name].

11. Monitoring and Review

11.1 It will be the responsibility of [insert job role and name] to monitor the implementation of and compliance with this Policy and to carry out regular audits of: 11.1.1 use of chemicals/substances; 11.1.2 maintenance of control systems; 11.1.3 observance of safe working practices by all employees; 11.1.4 distribution of COSHH related information and updates to all relevant employees; 11.1.5 storage of hazardous substances; 11.1.6 safe working procedures of contractors (if appropriate).

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