Guillotine risk assessment

10 Jul 2020 - Flaaim

Guillotine risk assessment form

Guillotine Risk Assessment Form

Equipment assessed/location:

Guillotine/Paper slice, First floor office

Hz No.

1 2

Hazard description

Cuts/amputations Manual handling – heavy wooden base

How are persons affected?

Users or assistants could suffer severe cuts or amputations to their hands from chopping blade Staff may suffer strains to upper or lower back whilst carrying this

Level of Risk Existing controls Further controls / action

Existing controls

None None

Further controls / action

Recommend equipment be replaced with newer safety style with enclosed blade. Arrange suitable manual handling training for all staff. Restrict amount of repositioning.

Probability (P) 5=very likely, 4=likely, 3=quite possible, 2=possible, 1=unlikely Severity (S) 5=fatal, 4=severe, 3=moderate, 2=slight, 1=negligible Risk (R) 0-8=low risk, no action required. 9-15=medium risk, ensure adequate controls are in use. 16-25=high risk, stop operation & implement control measures

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