Tree surgery risk assessment

11 Jul 2020 - Flaaim

Tree surgery risk assessment form

Tree surgery risk assessment form

Assessment task: Tree surgery works

Hz No

1. 2. 3. 4.

Hazard description

Cuts and abrasions Fall from heights Manual handling Using power tools – chain saws Flying debris – eye damage Falling objects

How are persons affected?

e.g. Operatives can suffer cuts to their fingers or hands from plant thorns, or from using cutting or trimming tools

e.g. Operatives can suffer serious injuries if they fall while accessing high areas

e.g. Pulling branches while clambering about in trees may result in muscle strain

e.g. Operatives may suffer serious cuts or burns from contact with chainsaw blades

E.g. Operatives will be injured if they are struck by flying debris or dust etc

E.g. Passers by can be injured if they area struck by branches dropped or falling

Level of Risk

P - «e.g.4» - «e.g.4» - «e.g.4» - «e.g.4» - «e.g.4» - «e.g.4»

S - «e.g.3» - «e.g.5» - «e.g.3» - «e.g.4» - «e.g.4» - «e.g.4»

R - «e.g.12» - «e.g.20» - «e.g.12» - «e.g.16» - «e.g.4» - «e.g.4»

Existing controls

«e.g. All operatives to wear gloves if practicable»

«e.g. Site supervisor to ensure that only qualified personnel carry out work at heights. All works to be carried out using appropriate harnesses. Operatives to be harness trained»

«e.g. Operatives to cut and remove branches as per their training»

«e.g. Site supervisor to ensure that only qualified personnel use chainsaws»

«Operatives to wear suitable eye protection at all times »

«Operatives to take care where cut branches are dropped »

Further controls / action

«e.g. All operatives to be given Toolbox Talks on general safety»

«e.g. Site supervisor to ensure that suitable access /working platforms are available if appropriate»

«e.g. Operatives to attend Manual Handling course»

«e.g. Operatives to ensure that they are competent to use the equipment»

« Site supervisor to ensure that all protocols are followed»

« Site supervisor to ensure that working area is kept clear of non essential personnel»

Probability (P) 5=very likely, 4=likely, 3=quite possible, 2=possible, 1=unlikely

Severity (S) 5=fatal, 4=severe, 3=moderate, 2=slight, 1=negligible

Risk (R) 0-8=low risk, no action required. 9-15=medium risk, ensure adequate controls are in use. 16-25=high risk, stop operation & implement control measures

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